Ashley Felske, B.A., M.A,

Ashley is a first year Ph.D. student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO), co-supervised by Dr. Maya Libben and Dr. Harry Miller. Ashley’s research experiences have largely fallen within the domain of health psychology. For example, her honours thesis, completed at the University of Calgary, evaluated a 4-week mindfulness-based intervention to reduce disorder eating behaviours among bariatric surgery candidates. Her master’s thesis, completed at UBCO, assessed the acceptability and feasibility of a 12-week cognitive-behavioural healthy lifestyle program for weight management and well-being among young adults (ages 18 to 29 years). Ashley’s doctoral work will investigate cognitive elements of disordered eating and body image.

Ashley's Publications

Schraeder K., Allemang B., Felske A., Scott C., McBrien K., Dimitropoulos G., Samuel S. (2022). Community-based primary care for adolescents and young adults transitioning from pediatric specialty care: Results from a scoping review. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health.

Schraeder, K., Allemang, B., Scott, C., McBrien, K., Dimitropoulos, G., Felske, A., & Samuel, S. (2021). Primary care during the transition to adult care for adolescents involved with pediatric specialty services: A scoping review protocol. BMC Systematic Reviews, (10) 46.

 Felske, A., Williamson, T., Scurrey, S., Telfer, J., Campbell, T. S., & Rash, J. (2021). The influence of self-esteem and depression on weight and shape concerns and weight-loss 12-months after bariatric surgery. Obesity Surgery, 31, 1062–1072.

Felske, A., Williamson, T., Rash, J., Telfer, J., Toivonen, K., & Campbell, T. (2020). Proof of concept for a mindfulness-informed intervention for eating disorder symptoms, self-efficacy, and emotion regulation among bariatric surgery candidates. Behavioral Medicine, (48) 3, 216-229.