Jason Scott, B.SC.

Jason Scott

Jason is a first-year Masters’s student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) co-supervised by Dr. Maya Libben and Dr. Jamie Piercy. Jason’s primary area of focus is in neuropsychology, where he has conducted research on topics involving episodic memory and executive functioning in patients with neurological disorders. Jason is also interested in the intersectionality between neuropathology and the etiology of a disorder, examining how the process of acquiring a disorder can influence an individual’s symptoms and overall impairment. Jason’s undergraduate honours thesis, completed at UBCO, was a pilot investigation into whether caregiver reports of a prospective and retrospective memory questionnaire are an accurate and reliable tool to use in clinical settings. For his Master’s research, Jason is looking to investigate the role of eye-tracking technology in the assessment and rehabilitation of hemispatial neglect in patients who have suffered from a stroke. Other areas of interest involve psychopathology, clinical assessment, and psychometrics.