Jennifer Upshaw, B.Sc., M.A.

Jen Upshaw, BSc, MA

Jen completed her training in 2022 with a residency placement at the Edmonton Consortium Clinical Psychology Residency Program. She plans to enter into private practice, providing general mental health services with an additional focus on health-related populations (e.g., post-stroke and TBI adjustment, chronic pain, etc.). Jen completed her undergraduate Honours degree at UBCO where she investigated the relative costs and benefits of brain hemisphere lateralization with changes in task complexity. Jen’s Master’s thesis and Dissertation research in the P.L.A.N. Lab involved the examination of hemispatial neglect in stroke patients using eye-tracking technology. This research focused on neuropsychological testing, subtypes of neglect, and their potential impact on functional outcomes and rehabilitation for this population. Outside of her professional life, Jen loves to bake, do yoga, dabble in photography, and hang out with her three young kiddos! 

Jen’s Publications

Upshaw, J., Leitner, D., Rutherford, B., Miller, H. & Libben, M. (2019). Allocentric vs. Egocentric Neglect in Stroke Patients: A Pilot Study Investigating the Assessment of Neglect Subtypes and their Impacts on Functional Outcome using Eye-Tracking. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society6, 1-11. doi: 10.1017/S1355617719000110.