Lab Facilities

The PLAN Lab opened in January of 2016. It is a CFI-funded laboratory space dedicated to researching the cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of psychopathology and stroke. The space is located on the ground floor of the Sciences building on the UBC Okanagan campus. The lab is equipped with EEG, eye-tracking and behavioural testing  equipment. All data collection computers are equipped with experimental software supporting the respective methodologies. Laboratory space is subdivided into four rooms: 1) a large training and analysis room  2) an EEG testing room 3) an eye-tracking room and 4) a behavioural testing room . The PLAN Lab facilities offer a unique training environment for both graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing research in clinical and neuropsychology.


Behavioural Testing

The collection and analysis of reaction time and accuracy data, to inform models of mental health and illness, is a fundamental component of the PLAN Lab research program. The PLAN Lab is equipped with 5 behavioural …

Apples Test Screenshot


The PLAN Laboratory is equipped with two SMI RED250-mobile eye-tracking devices. The RED250-m is a fully portable eye-tracker that allows members of the PLAN Lab to conduct eye-tracking research both in the lab and at remote locations …



A 64-channel BioSemi ActiveTwo EEG system is currently being installed in the PLAN Lab. EEG is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by neuronal firing. Derivatives EEG techniques include evoked related potentials (ERPs), which involves averaging the EEG activity time-locked …


Student Training

The PLAN Lab provides research training for graduate and undergraduate students that intersects clinical- and neuro-psychology. Training in the PLAN Lab emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary applications to fuel broad scientific innovation