Undergraduate Honours Students



  • Erin Fraser
    • Project: Exploring the Impact of a Gratitude-Focused Meditation on Body Dissatisfaction
  • Jason Scott
    • Project: A Comparative Analysis of the Prospective and Retrospective Memory Questionnaire and the Selective Reminding Test: Clinical Utility of Proxy vs. Self-Report Approaches
  • Jocelyn Thomas
    • Project: Neurofeedback for Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Lydia Wood
    • Project: The Acceptability and Validity of At-Home Video Conference-Based Neuropsychological Assessment


  • Clerissa Copeland
    • Project: Eye movements during smooth pursuit training for different hemispatial neglect subtypes



  • Leah Sorge
    • Project: Use of Eye Tracking during the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test as an Intrinsic Test of Effort
  • May Ly
  • Jessica Hansen
    • Project: Computerized Street Crossing Exercise for Hemispatial Neglect Patients: A Pilot Study


  • Graham Armstrong
    • Project: Cogputation: Using Eye-Tracker Technology to Develop Computerized Versions of Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Ashleigh Parker
    • Project: The New Normal: Developing an Updated Corpus of Normative Data for 5 Neuropsychological Measures
  • Kristen Peers
    • Project: Compound Word Processing in Aphasia


  • McKenzie Campbell
    • Project: A Comparison of the Buschke Selective Reminding Test and the California Verbal Learning Test- Second Edition in a Stroke Population (peer reviewed publication link)
  • Caleb Makortoff
    • Project: Perfectionism Cognitive Bias Modification’s Impact on Anxiety through Body Shape Preoccupation in Non-clinical Females
  • Nicole Legg
    • Project: Examining Impulsivity in Relation to Cognitive Bias Modification and Eating Disorders
  • Jeneya Clark
    • Project: Psychological Disturbance and Performance on Measures of Memory, Attention and Executive Functioning in TBI patients (peer reviewed publication link)